The Concept – Interactive Mindmap

The Concept

The concept is extensive, but as soon as you understand it, you will hopefully recognize a coherent alternative to the current model of economy. This alternative is not an abstract theory but a hands-on tool, which can be realized and used instantly. We think it already provides a lot of the required tools and structures for transformation and empowers the people to build and integrate the rest of the required tools. But look for yourself: [gigya src=”″ quality=”high” height=”600″ width=”1200″]

Solidaria is all about ‘Emergence’: It’s goal is to gather people coming from many communities and concepts already active today – offline & online – empower them to join them all into one, add some new ones, adjust them to fit and work hand-in-hand with each other and weave a new integral, coherent network. There are so many cool projects and ideas out there, but if you join their forces into one powerful network with a big active community and throw in the ability to collectively produce money for funding of the communities activities – they can have so much more impact.

In the end it should empower people to fully replace the closed, uncollaborative, institutional organization of the current society with their own radically open, democratic and decentralized tools for collaboration on and organization of:

  • the exchange and production of our goods
  • decision making in large groups
  • a network of integrated cooperatives
  • how integrated cooperatives are run and how their profits are used for the communities projects
  • knowledge management
  • online collaboration tools for projects
  • housing & open communal spaces
  • and even much more is possible….

Its structure is supposed to be designed to have added more abilities in the feature – by its community.


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