How can I help?

The main mission right now is spreading the word about the idea of Solidaria in order to build a community of enthusiasts that discusses & collaborates on the ideas of a practical hands-on tool to reach our common goals.

What can I do to help?

Important update: Right now we are working hard on finding good social collaboration tools to work together online. It’s harder than we thought. Any suggestions? …Write a mail or join our FB-Group.

1. Brainstorm with us to make the network actually coherent and fully functional. Join our Facebook-Group for discussion or contribute to our wiki (available soon)!

2. Share this link on your social network!

3. Spread the word – tell your friends, your family, tell everyone about Solidaria!

4. Help producing media content to explain what Solidaria is all about. If you are struck by the idea, maybe even have a professional background and have spare-time to contribute in any way – you are the hero! We need help with:

  • Logo
  • Graphics, Comics and Images that transport the message of Solidaria
  • Animated Video to explain the idea more audiovisually and rapidly than in the interactive mind-map
  • Other creative ideas for communication

5. Programmers, Webdesigners and Webdevelopers are badly needed. If you work in this field, are struck by the idea and have spare-time to contribute in any way – you are the hero!


Give Feedback & Join the Discussion

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