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Let’s hit the reset button and rethink everything – together:

This project is all about open-collaboration!

We want to gather as many people as possible to shape their new society & economy together!

The first tasks are help building the community and finding a nicer place than our Facebook Group as a collaborational space for this fresh community!



  1. Since the concept and the presentation are both still work in progress, feedback is needed.
    Constructive criticism is also gladly accepted!

  2. Hey, I’m extremely interested in this stuff, I’m heading towards establishing a yoga community in Berlin, where yoga-oriented people could live alternatively and teach together. The last issue of the SEIN magazine had a lot of informations in this topic. do you guys meet sometimes or do the doscussions go online most of the time? allt he best, Alexa

    • Hey Alexantra,
      Glad to hear you are interested, you are welcome to collaborate and bring in your ideas to the project!
      Since the people interested are increasingly from around the world, we are trying to find a good social collaboration platform online. Because the project is still quite young, we can only offer our facebook group and this comment section so far. If anyone knows nice solutions for this, please share them.
      Right now I am in Barcelona, but if we do meet in Berlin, I will announce it! And maybe there’s going to be more meeting points at other places, too. It all depends on enough people joining in and starting to brainstorm on and further develop a concept.
      Ahoi, Rufus!

  3. Do you know Loomio? (www.loomio.org) It is a collaborative decision making tool, with an interesting approach.
    We would love to join the brainstorming process and boost activly the productivity of moving forward to a commons based economy. What do you think?

  4. Hi, I’m from Loomio. We’re building a collective decision-making tool. You can start a group on Loomio Beta here https://www.loomio.org/ and try it out. We’re actually crowdfunding for our 1.0 release which will be mobile, and enable many of the things in your mindmap. Please check it out and feel free to ask me questions.

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