About Us

So far we are a loose group consisting mainly of people who live in or around Berlin. But as of right now this project is about gathering a global team of contributors to tackle this huge task together!

We would be glad to build up a strong network in Berlin and are especially lacking people with professional background in Web Design and Development, as well as other Media and Communication fields. But obviously we are open to people from anywhere, since a big part of collaboration will be online.

Since Solidaria is supposed to become a tool to be used anywhere, we would be very happy if people from other countries want to join the discussion and collaboration process and ensure that Solidaria will also be applicable in other places. This is one of the main reasons why this homepage is only available in English so far.



One comment

  1. Hi 🙂

    Ich freue mich sehr, von Eurer Initiative zu hören. Sie deckt sich natürlich mit dem, was mich und sehr viele andere Menschen in den letzten Jahren antreibt.
    Mit http://www.fairnopoly.de haben wir einen Grundstein in diese Richtung gelegt.
    Ich möchte die nächsten Schritte gerne mit Euch angehen.
    Am 7.2. bin ich zur Abschlussfeier unserer Crowdfundingkampagne in Berlin und gebe bis dahin noch Workshops zu Genossenschaft 2.0 deutschlandweit. Kommt doch auch zur Feier und laßt uns die nächsten Schritte planen!

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